Workout 14.2

For as long as possible:

From 0:00-3:00
  2 rounds of: 
  10 overhead squats, 95 / 65 lb.
  10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00
  2 rounds of:
  12 overhead squats, 95 / 65 lb.
  12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 6:00-9:00
  2 rounds of:
  14 overhead squats, 95 / 65 lb.
  14 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Etc., following same pattern


If you don't squat, you rot!


 BUT Coach...I can't squat!  What can i do?      by Joe Hancuff

I don’t know how many times I’ve told non-CrossFitters and non-lifters this old adage:

You must squat to be fit!!!!!

Squats are super important and ultra-beneficial. Here are some reasons why you must squat:

  1. It is a functional movement. When you change a tire, you squat. When you lift a box off the floor, you squat. When you poop in Japan, you squat (wait, what?) Seriously! You find the squat everywhere in human movement. For ages the squat has been the substitute for sitting on a flat surface. Even today there are cultures that stay in a squatted position for the larger part of their day. It is natural and biomechanically safe.
  2. Builds muscles in your entire body. Obviously, the squat helps to develop your lower extremity muscle groups. But they also create a situation in which all of your muscles can develop by way of an anabolic stimulation which can trigger the release of testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) which are the chemicals that help lean out and trigger muscle development throughout your body, not just your legs. Squatting is a foundation of any proper muscle-building routine.
  3. Squatting develops your connective tissues, especially those in your stabilizing areas: knees, angles, and hips. All the tendons and ligaments grow thicker and are less likely to tear or rupture when stressed. This is hugely important if your particular sport is high impact on your legs or requires massive amounts of ankle or knee stability. (Football players, I’m looking at you!)
  4. Keeps you bendy, keeps you balanced. The full range of motion/below parallel squat keeps your joints functional throughout the entire range of motion (a staple in CrossFit, mind you). But it also keeps you limber and flexible and improves kinesthetic awareness as you learn to keep your balance and control your frontal plane weight distribution as your body changes shape during the squat (especially useful when doing weighted or heavy squats).
  5. Squatting is the primary difference between just having a butt and having an ASS!You want a nicely toned rear end? Squat. You want to fill in your jeans? Squat. You want your legs to be proportional to your glutes? Squat. Squatting is a natural functional movement and it will build a natural functional physique that anyone will envy.
  6. Build more muscle, burn more fat. Are you trying to lose weight or lean down? Squats can help! For every pound of muscle mass your body gains, you burn an additional 50-70 calories per day carrying that business around with you. It accelerates fat burning unlike most other exercises.

    Well this is a simple question with a tough love answer. I’ll echo Elliott Hulse when I say:

    If you can’t, then you must!!

    It’s as simple as that. If you do not have the physical ability to properly squat then it is imperative for your overall health and performance as an athlete that you work to develop the organic strength, mobility, and range of motion necessary for the squat. No amount of leg extensions, leg press, toe raises or hamstring curls can ever take the place of the squat.

    There is no alternate exercise that can substitute the squat. If you cannot squat, then you absolutely MUST squat. And if you can, you should probably squat some more.

    Do not fear the squat, for it loves you like its own.

    Contrary to popular belief, squats are NOT bad for your knees when performed properly. There have been several studies on this subject that have been definitive in dispelling this myth. Do not fear the squat, for it loves you like its own.

    When I’m assessing a new strength coaching client or a CrossFit athlete, my first inclination is to have them attempt a properly setup air squat. I will be able to tell almost everything about their macrophysiology from watching them squat. A good coach can immediately see strength imbalances, mobility issues, bad habits and good habits just by watching people squat.

    P.S. SQUAT!!!!

    This post was originally posted on Joe Hancuff’s blog Fitness Philosopher.




Jan 17, 2014 TBC Crossfit


“So… Why do YOU CrossFit?”

I’ve asked a number of people this question and have heard so many answers and reasons, including

  • to compete
  • to become faster, stronger or more agile
  • to lose weight and have fun, or
  • to be strong/capable enough to do the other things in life we love.

The list keeps going, obviously. But therein lies a problem: if we treat every training day as if it were a competition by

  • always giving 110%
  • sacrificing good form/technique for a good time
  • doing weights we aren’t yet ready for, and/or
  • ignoring our bodies when they tell us to take a rest day…

then we are doing ourselves and our goals more harm than good.

Know Your Underlying Goal/Reason

I want to Cry

[I]f we throw ourselves into each WOD blindly and don’t take the time to correct movements and become more efficient, we will — inevitably — have a difficult time becoming the best athletes we have the potential to be.

If the goal is to compete, then training should be aboutperfecting our technique, building on our strengths and attacking our weaknesses so that we are as prepared as possible for when we step onto the competition floor. Training should be tough, and should make us push hard (really hard) so that we know what to expect in competition. But if we throw ourselves into each WOD blindly and don’t take the time to correct movements and become more efficient, we will — inevitably — have a difficult time becoming the best athletes we have the potential to be.

It took me a long time to realize this (I still have to remind myself pretty regularly, and it was almost harder to understand/accept this concept when I didn’t compete, because for me the daily WOD was my competition. The thing is, if the underlying goal isn’t to compete but rather to have fun, get in shape, and become a stronger individual, etc., then things like not listening to our bodies, skipping rest days, and/or sacrificing technique for a good time/score are all excellent ways to end up sidelined by an injury and unable to continue training and doing what we love.

[N]ot listening to our bodies, skipping rest days, and/or sacrificing technique for a good time/score are all excellent ways to end up sidelined by an injury.

I think what CrossFit has done — bringing competition into daily workouts — is awesome because it makes training fun (in a sick, twisted “I-sometimes-feel-like-I-want-to-cry-or-be-sick” kind of way). I love seeing people change as they learn how to push outside of their respective comfort zones and discover what their bodies are capable of. What I don’t love, however, is

  1. getting injured because I didn’t listen when my body told me to ease off, or
  2. seeing other people get hurt by going balls to the wall every time they train.

Both of these possible results only serve to slow long-term gains, possibly take us out of training completely, and give CrossFit a bad name. As coaches and/or CrossFitters, it is important for all of us to us to remember that in the end, training is training.

Visit Taryn Haggerstone’s blog, Go Hard Get Strong, for more of her thoughts on training and follow her on Twitter @TarynHaggerston.

TBC Crossfit & Yoga

REMINDER TBC Crossfit YOGA Tues/Thur @ 11:30 and Saturday at 8:30 am! Yoga is included in all memberships! Now...DO IT! 

Here are 9 reasons why I believe yoga can help you grow as an athlete, reach your goals, and continue to excel beyond your wildest expectations.

1) Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility

Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility

Most of the classical poses in yoga support the same concepts of creating torque, finding a braced neutral spinal position, and always working from core to extremity.

Are your heels coming off the ground in your overhead squat? Is it impossible for you to do a handstand because your shoulders are so tight? How are your pistols? Can you get down there? Practicing basic yoga poses like downward facing dog, warrior two, and pigeon (just to name a few) help reinforce external rotation of the hip and shoulder necessary for many basic movements of CrossFit. Performing these yoga shapes consistently helps improve your overall mobility. Greg Glassman did say that all Crossfitters should be able to do the splits. This could be your future.

2) Yoga helps you focus

Yoga helps you focus
Have you ever had to complete 150 wall balls? That target is your “drishti” or point of focus where your gaze rests. In classical yoga there is a strong emphasis on creating a focal point that doesn’t move so you stay consistent while you’re moving. This technique of setting a steady focus helps tremendously with Olympic liftingdouble unders, high box jumps, and toes to bar, just to name a few.

3) Yoga teaches you how to breathe more efficiently

CrossFit is primarily about moving fast with intensity, but in order to cultivate speed you must also cultivate rest.

After my first “Yoga for the Crossfit Athlete” class at San Francisco CrossFit, the Supple Leopard himself, Dr. Kelly Starrett asked me how it went. I replied, “It was awesome.  The athletes move really well…but they breathe like shit.”Vinyasa Yoga is a practice of linking movement to breath, so you move through postural transitions using your inhale and exhale. This pattern of breath awareness seamlessly transfers to a long burpee workout where the timing of breath and rhythm is essential to staying on point. Yoga also helps you learn how to breathe deeply into your diaphragm, which directly translates into your ability to produce more power and sustain movements for longer durations.

4) Yoga develops your ability to balance

Yoga develops your ability to balance
Balance is one of the Ten General Physical Skills highlighted in Greg Glassman’s definition of CrossFit. It’s necessary for most of the movements you see in a classic CrossFit workout. Practicing yoga poses such as Tree, Eagle, Dancer’s, or Half Moon help you achieve the stability needed to perform high rep pistols or do cartwheels on a balance beam at the Sac Town Throwdown (not that I’ve ever done that). If you’re lucky, this balance thing trickles into your real life outside the gym and suddenly you’ve landed your dream job, relationship, home,and you have time for your CrossFit and yoga addiction.  Lucky you!


5) Yoga keeps you fit

Yoga keeps you fit
Please ignore this one if you’re on the milk diet and trying to get “swole.” Yoga will lengthen your muscles and potentially help you grow an inch taller. Or, your posture will improve from practicing yoga and you’ll appear to be taller. Either way, yoga keeps you looking sexy. And we all know CrossFitters like to look good: topless, in Lululemon sports bras and Reebok bootie shorts, and especially naked.

6) Yoga gives you time to relax

Yoga gives you time to relax

Yoga can be hard, really hard if you’re not used to it. But unlike a Hero or Girls WOD, you probably won’t throw up at the end.

CrossFit is primarily about moving fast with intensity, but in order to cultivate speed you must also cultivate rest. Relaxation is important for your ability to integrate the information you receive mentally and physically during your workouts and throughout your day. Being able to relax deeply helps you come back with more power, focus, and determination, because you’ve had ample time to recover. On your next rest day, replace your giant ice cream sundae with a restorative yoga class and see how you feel.  Or, who am I kidding…. just do both.

7) Yoga reinforces good positioning

Yoga reinforces good positioning
My dear friends and coaches, Kelly Starrett, Carl PaoliDiane FuNate Helming, and the team at SFCF have created an entire epoch around the skill of establishing good positions across a variety of physical disciplines. Most of the classical poses in yoga support the same concepts of creating torque, finding a braced neutral spinal position, and always working from core to extremity. The goal of the ancient yogis was to move through postures in a way that could help you sit comfortably for long periods of time in a lotus position where the spine was held neutral. This is the same spinal position used when you’re running, doing a pull up, or performing your heavy deadlift and push press.

8) Yoga can be a legitimate workout

Yoga can be a legitimate workout

Anytime you bring people together with a common focus or goal, those people will feel connected to each other.

One of my favorite things about teaching yoga to CrossFitters is watching the big guys who can deadlift 500+ pounds show up to yoga; within five minutes they’re drowning in a pool of their own sweat.  Yoga can be hard, really hard if you’re not used to it. But unlike a Hero or Girls WOD, you probably won’t throw up at the end. On the contrary, you’ll get a ten minute supervised nap with a lavender neck massage and a lullaby. You’ll most likely emerge from a vigorous yoga class feeling calm, present, and relaxed instead of feeling like you were just run over by a Mac truck.

9) Yoga builds community

Yoga builds community
CrossFit is all about community, and so is yoga. Anytime you bring people together with a common focus or goal, those people will feel connected to each other. The root of the word yoga in Sanskrit is “Yug,” which means to yoke, join together, or connect. The essence of yoga is the concept that if we connect deeper to ourselves, our bodies, our breath, and the present moment then we ultimately will connect more deeply to one another.




The Crossfit OPEN at TBC



For TBC athletes participating in the 2014 Crossfit OPEN:

Open registration will begin Jan 15, 2014. You must register with Crossfit atwww.games.crossfit.com to be able to participate in the world wide competition. As stated below the first workout will be released by Crossfit on  Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 and will close on the following Monday. TBC Crossfit will provided qualified judges and validate scores for athletes participating in the OPEN. These workouts will be preformed in heats, competition style at TBC on Saturdays at 10am. This will take the place of the 10am regular class for the 5 weeks of the OPEN. If you normally workout then and are not participating in the OPEN we ask that you attend the 9am class instead and stay and watch the excitement which is, THE SPORT OF FITNESS!

I will post a listing on the whiteboard at the box for OPEN athletes wanting video footage and score validation. Please sign the list so we can plan heats accordingly.

This is a very exciting time of year in the Crossfit world. If you have never competed before but can do WOD'srx, I encourage you to participate in the OPEN. Even if theres no chance of you making it to Regionals there is much to be gained as an athlete by subjecting yourself to rigorous competition.

Best of luck! Happy Lifting!


TBC Crossfit

(the following is from www.games.crossfit.com)

The CrossFit Games began as a small gathering of friends on a dusty ranch in Aromas, Calif., eight years ago. Now, the Games are a sport with a three-stage season and more than 100,000 competitors from across the globe.

The Games have evolved each year. In 2009, Regionals were added. In 2010, the Games moved from Aromas to Carson. In 2011, the online Open was introduced. In 2013, the Masters competition expanded to five age divisions.

There are several important changes to the CrossFit Games season in 2014. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.

New Open Workout Release and Close Dates

In 2014, the week’s Open workout will be released on Thursday and will close the following Monday (5 p.m. PT). Like last year, athletes will have four days to perform the workout and submit their scores.

New Video Requirements for Regional Qualifiers

Any athlete who hopes to compete at Regionals will need to follow a few extra steps during the Open.

Those who complete the Open workouts at an affiliate will need to:

1. Use a registered judge who has passed CrossFit’s Judges Course,

2. Have their result validated by an affiliate manager,

3. Videotape their performance.

Videos are required to collect prize money, and may be requested by CrossFit Games staff at any point during the Open.

At the end of the Open, the top 60 men and top 60 women in each region will be required to submit at least one complete video of one of the Open workouts. Athletes will not be told which video they will need to submit until after the final workout has closed. The required video will be verified by CrossFit Games staff prior to sending out Regional invitations for individuals and teams.

After the video review, the top 48 men, top 48 women and top 30 teams in each region will be invited to compete in their respective Regional competition.

Team competitors are included. If an athlete on a Regional qualifying team finishes in the top 60 in the individual division in their region, he or she will have to submit video of the Open workout requested by CrossFit.

New Masters Qualifier

In the Open, Masters will compete against all other international athletes for the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition. Following the Open, the top 200 Masters athletes in each age division will be invited to perform four additional workouts.

The additional workouts will be released on Thursday, April 17 at 5 p.m. PT. Masters will have until Monday, April 21 at 5 p.m. PT, to submit their scores or video submissions from these workouts.

Masters athletes submitting scores must use a registered judge for each workout and have their performance validated by an affiliate. In addition, all four workouts need to be videotaped as Masters may be asked to submit one to four of these videos for review. Alternatively, Masters may elect to submit videos of the four workouts online following the same video submission guidelines from the Open.

Masters athletes will have five scores tabulated in order to determine their ranking in this competition: four scores from the additional workouts and one score based on their finish in the Open. The top 20 Masters athletes in each division will then be invited to compete in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

New Wild Card Spots

Forty-three men and 43 women will be awarded spots to the CrossFit Games at the Regionals—that’s it. Even if a past champion qualifies, additional spots will not open up.

If CrossFit chooses to invite more than 43 athletes, the wild card spots will go to the athletes who performed the best relative to all other Regional competitors. The number of wild card spots will be announced following Regionals.

New Team Documentation

Teams are required to have all members regularly train at the team location. If there is any ambiguity about whether any member of a team meets the requirements, such as an athlete who formerly trained at another gym or who lives suspiciously far from the team gym, CrossFit may require the athlete to produce documentation proving they have indeed met the team requirements.

The athlete should be prepared to provide a detailed training log outlining dates and times of workouts at the team location. This training log should be accompanied by photographic evidence that is time stamped.

For example, an athlete could use date- and time-stamped photos in front of the whiteboard for every training session they attend at the team gym. The athlete could email these photos to their own email account and store them in a dedicated folder to be retrieved if necessary.

If members only train at the team location, detailed documentation will likely not be asked for.

New Drug Testing Program

In 2014, CrossFit will expand out-of-competition (unannounced) drug testing. This means that any registered CrossFit competitor can be tested at any time during the year for any reason.  

Revised Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy

Learn more about the CrossFit Games competition rules by reading the2014 Rulebook and 2014 Drug Testing Policy.





Couples that Crossfit together...stay together!

GOT TBC Crossfit?  Why? CrossFit is the Best Way for Couples to Stay in Shape!

By DINKlife Journalist Team | March, 19 2011

DINKs know that traditional workouts are not always the best for your long term health. While you can still burn calories and lose weight, countless hours on the treadmill means worn down knees and joints and no muscle gain.

Hours of bicep curls and single-joint movements that focus on only one body part at a time mean longer hours in the gym and less time to focus on new experiences outside of the gym.

Crossfit is the solution to less time in the gym, more calorie burning, a better physique and a better sex life too. Crossfit makes you better at…everything. Weighlifters will gain more speed and endurance, runners/swimmers get more stength and flexibility, and couch potatoes increase general health and fitness for everyday life.

In order to understand why Crossfit is one of the best workouts for DINKs, first, you need to understand what Crossfit is. Crossfit is continuously varied, functional movements done at high intensity.

Let me break this down for you:

  • 1. Continuously varied This means that the body is always guessing. Each Crossfit workout is different. One day you may do high rep pushups and squats, the next day sprinting and weighted pull ups – it is always a mystery. When your body is guessing, it challenges each muscle in a different way. This leads to less injury since you are not pounding on the same muscles day after day, and you leave time for muscles to recover.
  • 2. Functional movements Functional movements are movements that you do every day. Picking up a heavy box or lifting something off of a shelf. All of Crossfit exercises help you do things that you do every day easier. That is why the Crossfit workouts are grounded in full body natural movements – not machines – like squats, pullups, presses and deadlifts. If you still don’t know what these exercises are, the best thing to do is go check out Crossfit.com and watch the videos on their site. Don’t be intimidated, everything can scale to your level.
  • 3. High intensity This leads to more calorie burning and is the best part of the Crossfit workouts because this is what makes them shorter. You can workout for a shorter period of time when you are working out harder, accomplishing your goals (and exceeding them) in half the time. 

Why is Crossfit the best workout for couples, here’s why:

  • 1. It’s Scalable - Even though the movements are in many cases Olympic lifts that you must train for, there is equipment that makes it scalable for women and men of all strength levels. Even if you train with no weight on a bar, you will still see (and feel) results. This means that women can do traditional workouts that are usually thought of as “man” workouts. Like deadlifts and presses with the bar. On the other hand, men can do pushups and pull ups and make them harder by using extra weight.
  • 2. It’s Fast Paced – This means more time for each other and doing other things that DINKs like to do. The primary part of some Crossfit workouts are 10-20 minutes. Those of you that are accustomed to 2 hour treadmill marathons, don’t let the shorter duration fool you; you will still be amazed at the results. Done correctly, you will get far better results with 10 minutes of Crossfit than 2 hours on the elliptical!
  • 3. It’s Good Competition – Healthy competition is good to have with your partner. Since Crossfit is always timed, you are performing each workout for time to get better and better. You and your mate can compete with each other to see who gets better over time, or who can “win” on certain workouts. You can also set goals together.
  • 4. It’s Communal – Since Crossfit is a trained sport, and it is very high intensity, typically the others in your class cheer you on and set goals with you. They typically are into fitness and like DINKs, health is very important to them. Because of this, Crossfit is a great way to meet couple friends who have a lot in common with you and your partner.
  • 5. It Makes You and Your Partner Hotter – Hey, let’s face it, when you are in a relationship, you see the same person naked every day. You need to look better than if you were dating around! Keep that body in shape and do it together. Crossfit is great for toning, you will see changes in your body in about a month. We all know what looking better, and feeling better can do for the sex life!
  • 6. Learning Together is Important – Since Crossfit is grounded in Olympic lifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, running, jump-roping and military style training, even the best trained world class athletes still need to work very hard at Crossfit. So, even if you and you partner are very in shape already, you will learn a lot together. Constantly learning together and moving towards the same goals are good for any relationship.

So remember – continuously varied, functional movements done at high intensity. Give it a try, it is good for the body, mind and relationship.



TBC Crossfit Hosts 2014 Crossfit OPEN





It’s the first day of 2014, and we’re here to give you many of the essential dates leading up to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Open registration will begin on January 15. More than 138,000 people participated in the Open last year, and this year, the worldwide competition will be even broader and more inclusive.

The first Open workout will be released on Thursday, Feb. 27. The fifth and final Open workout will be released five weeks later on Thursday, March 27. More information on the competition details for Individuals, Masters and Teams will be released later this week.


TBC New Year Hours

TBC New Year Holiday Schedule:

Tue Dec 31 New Year's Eve CLOSE at 6:30 pm
Wed Jan 1, 2014 CLOSED
Thu Jan 2, 2014 Regular Hours



"It is well known that aerobic fitness is strongly related to survival, but our study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength, power-to-body weight ratio and co-ordination are not only good for performing daily activities but have a favourable influence on life expectancy." Dr. Araujo 

A simple test that assesses a person's ability to sit and rise from the floor has proven to be a very accurate predictor of mortality risk. The finding comes from a study,  the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.
A total of 2002 adults aged 51 to 80 participated in the study. The researchers timed how long it took them to sit up and then rise from the floor without any help. The median follow-up period was 6.3 years from the baseline test.They told the participants to try and sit up with the least amount of support that they believe necessary, and not worry about their speed. They scored the participants' ability to both sit and rise out of 5. For each time the participants used support from their hand, knee or other part of their body the researchers would subtract a point. A total composite score out of 10 was assigned to them which would determine which category or group they belonged to (C1, 0-3; C2, 3.5-5.5; C3, 6-7.5; and C4, 8-10). A total of 159 people died (a 7.9% mortality rate) at the end of the study, with significantly more deaths occurring among people with low test scores. They found that the rates of mortality between the four groups differed by quite a great deal, even when controlled for gender, age and body mass index (BMI). Those belonging to group C1, which had the lowest score range, were 5-6 times at higher risk of death than those in group C4. This difference suggests that the sitting score is good predictor of all-cause mortality. Participants with scores below 8 had mortality rates 2 to 5 times higher than those with scores ranging from 8-10. The authors noted: "a 1-point increment in the [sitting-rising] score was related to a 21% reduction in mortality." 



Save some $$ Jingle This Holiday


TBC Crossfit is offering a Christmas Crossfit Special to promote a healthy, happy New Year! Get in shape in 2014! Be faster...Be stronger...Be better! Take advantage of this generous offer form TBC Crossfit. Change your body. Change your life!
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We at TBC would love to help you exceed your fitness goals in 2014.
Call 210-392-5690 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Omega's and Health



Why Omega-3?
Much of the body’s physiologic function is dependent upon having sufficient essential fatty acids in general and omega-3 in particular. Combined with the importance of these essential fatty acids is the fact that our modern culture is terribly deficient in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Because we don’t eat animal protein from natural animals – we eat domesticated grain fed animals, and we eat grains and vegetable oils, all of which are high in omega-6 fats, the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is so imbalanced it causes people to be unhealthy.

The O-3 : O6 Ratio
Research has shown that the human body is healthy when our dietary intake of essential fatty acids is a ratio of 1:2 between omega-3 and omega-6. Current research shows that people today are eating a diet style of processed foods (which contain vegetable oils high in omega-6), and grains (which are high in omega-6), and finally, grain fed animals, which is creating ratios of 1:30, even 1:50.  This gross imbalance of essential fats is resulting in many disease processes among modern cultures.

Inflammation and Omega-3
When the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 gets too high, dangerous inflammation results, causing many diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • High Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune diseases (Lupus)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Strokes
  • Premature and low birth weights
  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseasesHypertension (high blood pressure)


TBC Crossfit Christmas 2013



Kimball XMASCard 2012-web

Christmas Holiday Hours:

Mon Dec 23  Regular Hours
Tue Dec 24 Christmas Eve CLOSED
Wed Dec 25 Christmas Day CLOSED
Thur Dec 26 CLOSED
Wed Dec 27 Regular Hours

New Year 2014 Schedule:

Tue Dec 31 New Year's Eve CLOSE at 6:00 pm
Thur Jan 2 Regular Hours


Labor Day Sept 2, 2013

LABOR DAY what is it?

In the United States, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

We hope the only labor you take part in today is during a WOD at TBC Crossfit!

Labor Day Hours:


5:30 pm

5:30 pm

On this special occasion do not worry if you are unable to reserve a spot. WODS will be designed to accommodate the masses!



How to Paleo on a Budget


Basics - Making the Paleo Diet Affordable


If you know about the Paleo Diet, you'd think that going paleo is expensive, especially when you read:

"Wild game meat would be the ideal, but grass-fed meat is used as a practical substitute. The grass-fed is needed to get the proper balance of Omega 3 (from green plants) and Omega 6 (from seeds) fatty acids"

If you've ever priced "grass-fed beef", that statement would give you a small heart attack...or make your wallet sob in pain.  In my area (South Texas), grass-fed beef can easily be double or triple the conventional beef available in your local grocery store.  Then add in the cost of organic nuts, fruits and vegetables and your grocery bill can easily rival the national debt.

Source - //www.flickr.com/photos/33224129@N00/">AlwaysBreaking






Here are my tips for saving money when going Paleo:

  1. Shop Around- Don't depend on one store to provide all of your food needs.  Some stores will have better prices on certain items.  Don't be afraid to shop around!  
  2. Use Technology - I have an price book app on my iTouch that tracks prices for me.  I enter the name, price and unit (number of ounces, for example) and it will sort everything by unit price.  So, for example, for peanut butter, I have prices for different brands and sizes from various stores in my area.  The app calculates the "unit price" and sorts them so I know that Target has the cheapest price.  I can also quickly see if a "sale price" in a flier is actually a sale price or a regular price in disguise.
  3. Check Out the Department Stores - I buy my eggs (1.19/dzn) and the kids' lunchtime bread ($1/loaf) from Target.  Yes, Target has the cheapest eggs in my area - surprising, huh?
  4. Skip the Grass-Fed / Cage-Free  / Organic If You Can't Afford It - I know if I went that way, I'd easily blow through my whole food budget ($225 / month for a family of three) in 2 weeks.  So, instead, I  find the best bang for my buck, which means having to skip all that mumbo-jumbo.  At this point, it's more important that we EAT than stay politically correct.
  5. Go Ethnic - I get the best prices on vegetables at the local Indian stores and the Asian store down the street usually has the best sale prices on chicken and ground beef / pork.  Don't feel subconscious when you walk  into places like that.  Your money is as good as anyone else's.  Remember - usually these stores are locally owned.  You'll be supporting your neighbor by buying your groceries  there!
  6. Shop the Fliers - Every Weds, my postman drops off the week's grocery fliers.  I spend 10 minutes checking protein and produce prices and noting what to buy where on Saturday morning (I run all of my errands Saturday morning to cut down on gas costs).  I only buy what's on sale and am careful not to double up on stuff I already have.
  7. Don't Be Afraid To Buy In Bulk - When the price is right, grab enough to keep you stocked for a few weeks (or until you expect the stuff to go bad).  For example, when a local store had 5 lb bags of apples for $3.50, I bought two because I knew 1) we eat through apples pretty quickly and 2) apples seem to last forever.  I buy 5 lbs each of ground beef and ground pork at a time - usually when it's under $2/lb - portion it out into 3/4 lb amounts and freeze it for later use.  (That usually lasts us about 2 months.)
  8. Eat Seasonally - What ever is in season is usually the cheapest in the stores.  
  9. Buy Frozen - Check out the frozen food section of your grocer and department store.  We eat a lot frozen vegetables (Target usually has them for around $1/lb) and I've sometimes found good prices on fish, chicken and meat hiding in there.
  10. Use Everything! -  When I buy bone-in chicken leg quarters, I usually cook it right away in one big batch, de-bone it and then freeze the meat in 2-meals-size portions.  Then I can use the bones to make a mineral-rich chicken broth to be frozen for later use (but that's another blog entry).  When I trim off the tops of carrots or the ends of celery, I toss the ends into a container in the freezer to be used the next time I make broth.


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